Santa Sleigh Reindeer

Christmas Outdoor Decorations Santa Sleigh Reindeer Large Decoration LED

Christmas Outdoor Decorations Santa Sleigh Reindeer Large Decoration LED

Christmas Outdoor Decorations Santa Sleigh Reindeer Large Decoration LED   Christmas Outdoor Decorations Santa Sleigh Reindeer Large Decoration LED

Santa in Sleigh being pulled by two reindeer. LED Christmas Decorations Outdoor Yard Art.

Sleigh Size:51 in x 64 in. Leaping Reindeer Size:63 in x48 in. The LED Leaping Reindeer is a magnificent example of exterior holiday display. It features a beautifully manufactured framework composed of power-coated steel in the shape of a deer bounding toward the heavens.

With this framework and dimensions of 69 x 49 inches, it can support 150 lights and four distinctive colors. Dimensions: 63 in x48 in. Number Of Lights: 150.00.

Bulb Spacing: 2.5 in. Product Usage: Indoor / Outdoor. The LED Leaping Reindeer adds immense, alluring beauty to your Christmas decoration set while also capturing and representing one of the holiday's signature images: a reindeer, bounding and ready to take to the sky. It has dimensions of 69 inches by 49 inches, making it larger than the average Christmas decoration, and its powder-coated and extremely rigid frame is beautifully arranged into the shape of a leaping deer, back legs extended, fronts legs hooked underneath its body, nose pointed toward the heavens. With such a large and complex framework, the LED Leaping Reindeer has enough room to support 150 powerful LED mini light bulbs and produce a combination of four distinctive colors.

The body of the reindeer is icy white; the antlers and hooves produce a warm gold hue; the nose and the harness around the torso are red; and reindeer's eyes have been represented with a blue bulb. These bulbs are commercial-quality LEDs for long-lasting effect. Should any of them burn out, however, no need to worry. The result: you save a great deal of time, energy, and expenses.

We value the combination of efficiency with convenience, hence the design of this product. It makes for great exterior display, although it can also be used for interior display, and will give everyone a pleasant, visual reminder of the mythos of the holiday season!

Plus, you can use it in combination with our LED Santa in Sleigh and other reindeer pieces to create the image of Santa taking off to his next stop in your neighborhood. The LED Santa in Sleigh ornament is 64 x 72 inches in size and features 400 miniature LED light bulbs. It captures the image as well as the little details needed-the rim of the sleigh, the ornaments in Santa's bag-to create a dazzling display piece.

The lights come in the following colors: white, red, yellow, green, blue, and yellow. This ornament works well with the LED Reindeer and LED Leaping Reindeer. Dimensions: 51 in x 64 in.

Number Of Lights: 400.00. Icy white, warm gold, bright red and cool blue bulbs Prancing reindeer glows to spruce up outdoors Comes with extra bulbs for added convenience Includes 170 commercial-quality mini LED lights Powder-coated sturdy steel frame defines its shape Measure. Dimensions: 53 in x40 in. Number Of Lights: 170.00. It is formidable in size, rigid and expertly crafted, and features a magnificent and potent range of lights-all combined to form a singular, magnificent Christmas display piece.

The image is one familiar in folklore: good old St. Nick in his shimmering, ornate sleigh, with an enormous sack overflowing with toys behind him. But the way this ornament is put together makes it stand out as more than a clever representation.

First of all, the steel framework does not merely outline the design. It fulfills the overall impression with all the itemized details such as the brim of the sleigh, the individual items in the sack, and the cuffs on Santa's coat and hat. Every inch of this framework is adorned and enhanced by a network of 400 miniature LED light bulbs. These bulbs come in many colors and are grouped by their color according to which part of the sleigh they are representing. The sleigh's tracks are a pristine white. The sleigh itself is red with an upper border of yellow. As for Santa himself, his suit is red with cuffs of white. The sack is green, with the toys showing elements of blue, yellow, red, and white. Santa's nose is red, and his eyes are blue.

This large ornament-64 inches by 72 inches in size-is best suited for outdoor conditions such as a yard or rooftop, though could certainly be used in open indoor spaces such as an office's reception area. As this Christmas decoration depicts Santa Claus and his sleigh, it works magnificently with the LED Reindeer and LED Leaping Reindeer, to show Santa taking off to the next house down your street.

Christmas Outdoor Decorations Santa Sleigh Reindeer Large Decoration LED   Christmas Outdoor Decorations Santa Sleigh Reindeer Large Decoration LED